By Marc Campos

Residency Counts, Da Mayor, All Aboard

In the campaign for State Representative, District 143 - Special Election, residency is an issue. Yesterday, Laura Salinas, Commentary's client, sent a letter to two of her opponents, asking them to respond to questions of residency. Salinas' request is on target, reasonable and legitimate. Salinas is not the only one asking this question, in fact, on the candidate filing form for this position, there is a box on the form - prominently placed - that asks for residency information. In 2002, the late State Representative Joe E. Moreno also believed residency was relevant (see Daily Commentary, 6/7/05). Now let's wait and see if Laura's opponents will respond.

In yesterday's Chron, there was a story about Houston's Mayor Bill White - while bike riding - running across illegal trash dumpers. The Mayor approached the dumpers, police were called in, and the dumb dumpers were "hauled" (awwww) off to jail. Way to go Mayor. Don't be surprised to see da Mayor pull up in a Safe Clear tow truck and help you change a flat tire if you happen to get a blow-out on a city freeway. Pity the poor downtown pedestrian that gets body slammed and a jaywalking ticket by da Mayor during the lunch hour.

Rumor has it that the METRO Credibility Task Force will be sweetening the bus rapid transit (BRT) system for the shafted communities. BRT, which is a bus in train wardrobe, will have their bus drivers, errr, engineers, announce "all aboard" when the bus, errr, train is ready to depart. In addition, the "engineers" will all be required to wear those "locomotive engineer" hats. That ought to appease the chumped voters.

July 7, 2005, 9:00AM

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