By Marc Campos

Dem InAction, Lisette Luna and Mike Schneiders

Sometimes Commentary wonders if National Dems will jump on the paperless folks bashing bandwagon in order to get votes from Redneck Branch. Sometimes Commentary wonders if National Dems might figure Latino votes have no place else to go so it will be OK to do a little paperless folks bashing. It turns out a congressional delegation is going to South Texas to check out border security – you know, Dems have to look tough too. They will check out the latest paperless folks detecting gadgets and weapons like drones, sensors, laser sabers, stun guns, Gatlin guns, moats with alligators, holes in the ground with tigers like in the old Tarzan flicks, and harpoons.

They probably won’t get around and check out who’s working in the South Texas fields and ranches to see who’s making sure the members of congress have steak and salad on their plates. They will probably eat in nice restaurants during their tour but they won’t bother to go visit the kitchen help to see who helped prepare their fine meal.

It’s too bad in light of the fact that Dems now run congress.

Show me the Dems! Show me the candidates! As far as Commentary is concerned, being a loyal Dem that I am, I’d like to hear from local Dem Party leaders on who’s thinking about running for office. I don’t want to have to read about it in My PR Agent’s column. Other local Dem activists want to see the list so what’s the problemo? It’s not like we’re putting together the Manhattan Project Team. Show them the freaking list! What are you scared of? The local GOP? Remember, we’re Dems – we’re supposed to be the Party of openness.

The City of H-Town introduced their Mobility Response Team (MRT) yesterday. MRT is supposed to help alleviate traffic jams. They need to work out the kinks though, Commentary nearly ran over one of the MRTers yesterday – yikes!

Props go to my buddy Hector de Leon for his new gig in the County Clerk’s office. Hector knows his stuff. He also writes good stuff and has good takes. You never get BS from Hector.

My God Daughter Lisette gets married to Mike Schneiders tomorrow in H-Town. Commentary gets to participate in the wedding – it’s a great honor. I’ve always liked the name Lisette. My Best Friend and Julie did a terrific job raising their daughter. The Schneiders did a good job in raising Mike.

Did I mention that Al used to be a member of the Texas Lege. He’s one of the best legislators I’ve ever been around. I wish they made more like him.

Lisette will now be voting in Wisconsin. That’s a good thing since she’s a good Dem and we need more good Dem voters in battleground states like Wisconsin. So that’s OK.

Speaking of the ‘Stros, Roy O. is now an all star – that’s a good thing. We’re 12 games under .500 and still 11 ½ back. Commentary will miss the next couple of games but will be back at the yard with Dante on Sunday.

Congratulations to the Luna/Schneiders family!

July 6, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary