By Marc Campos

Koverage, Kiss Kam

Commentary is glad it made the decision to provide an "objective" analysis of the State Representative, District 143 - Special Election race. Ok, so I have a favorite in the race. Heck, she's the only major candidate that actually lives in District 143.

The race is getting some coverage in the Spanish language daily newspapers - Rumbo and El Dia. The Chron needs to do some catching up. The TV newsies - forgettaboutit. More and more, for the most part, news organizations have scaled back coverage of local political campaigns. Local political campaigns are not news worthy or ratings winners. So the next time a schmuck gets elected, under the radar so to speak, then does schmucky things while in office, don't blame it all on the campaigns. Instead, think about why news organizations did not figure out on the campaign trail that this candidate was a schmuck.

For now, get your "accurate" coverage of the District 143 race from Commentary.

Kiss Kam. If you've been to Astros or Rockets games, you know what it is. Someone informed Commentary the other evening that Comets don't do Kiss Kam at their games. To be somewhat fair, Comets had a float in the recent Pride Parade.

July 6, 2005, 9:00AM

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