By Marc Campos

Adios Muchachito and Ticket to Ride

The one time long time ago Latino pal of W that ended up marrying one of the richest women in the world and now works in Mexico spending his time drinking Modelo says he’s not running for governor of the Lone Star State anytime soon. I guess he realizes that it might be a little tough getting the GOP nomination in light of the fact that his party is a serious Latino basher/abuser. He probably also realizes that he’s been used, errrr misused, errrr abused. This muchachito was once considered the fair haired future of the Texas GOP – not anymore.

The Texas Dem fella from San Antonio/Corpus Christi that wants to be our U.S. Senator got some run in the press a day or so ago (thanks CEWDEM). According to the article, he attended a meeting with Dems in South Texas and didn’t address Choice and Gay marriages after he was asked a question. Hey there is no ducking the issues in Texas Dem politics. Also according to the article, it turns out he’s contributed close to a mil to candidates, mostly to Dems. He has however donated serious moola to Guv Dude, The Lite Guv, and the AG – why? I guess because he has it to give. It is a good thing we have us a race where Dem activists can ask questions and maybe get some answers.

It turns out the Latino Mayor of LA has been having an affair with a Telemundo anchor/news reporter. That’s not a good thing. The Mayor’s wife recently filed for a divorce. That’s not a good thing. The Mayor’s new mate reported the story about the Mayor’s marital problems but forgot to mention her own involvement in the mess. That’s not a good thing. Didn’t Rudy G. also go through something like this? I guess you could call this an affair to remember.

Speaking of messy, it was a reversal of fortune yesterday as Kobayashi barfed up the World Hot Dog Eating title on live ESPN TV – yikes! It’ll probably be running on ESPN Classics in a couple of days. They even had the barf on Slo-Mo instant replay – yikes! The new champ Joey Chestnut from San Jose, California put down 66 dogs in 12 minutes. That’s 5 and ½ dogs per minute. Commentary only had 2 in nine innings yesterday at the yard.

Speaking of the yard, I ran into soon to be newlyweds My God Daughter Lisette and Mike taking in a game Tuesday evening. They were taking it easy. Mike is from the Chicago area so a number of Cubbie fans will be attending the wedding. That’s OK. They are not having so great a year either. At the church ceremony Cubbie fans will be sitting on one side of the church and ‘Stros fans on the other side – cool.

Well, we took two of three from the Phillies, we’re 11 under .500, and 11 ½ back. Carlos Beltran and The Mets come in for four – see you at the yard!

July 5, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary