By Marc Campos

Abe and HISD

There is an interesting article in today’s Chron on Houston ISD Superintendent Abe Saavedra and his contract. Check it out. Commentary thinks the Superintendent has done a real good job. I don’t want to make too much of the article however it is interesting that a local LULAC leader says she thinks that the “clock is ticking” regarding the Superintendent’s contract. Local Latino leaders would be wise to start communicating with each other and publicly demonstrate to the HISD Board of Trustees and the community at large that Abe Saavedra has our unqualified support. I would bet that a thunderous show of support by Latino political, business and civic leaders would send a very powerful message. Our silence on this matter might just give the Superintendent’s detractors the opportunity they need to tell him “adios.”

An Olympian was sitting behind Commentary at The Yard the other evening. The bad arse lefty for Team U.S.A. Softball, Cat Osterman, was checking out the game. She’s a tall one for sure – six feet two. She's a local girl.

A-Rod says he won’t participate in the All Star Game Home Run Derby that will be played in his crib. He says tying to hit home runs will mess up his swing – huh! I guess messing with Madonna isn’t messing up his swing – ouch!

Commentary will head to The Yard this afternoon for dollar hot dogs. We’re eleven out.

Commentary hopes folks take the time to read “The Declaration of Independence” tomorrow. It will probably run in the Chron. See you on the Fourth!

July 3, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary