By Marc Campos

Lone Star State Fitness

Commentary doesn’t think we need a statewide test to figure out kids in the Lone Star State are out of shape. Of course I wonder how Guv Dude and the legislature will address this issue. Is P.E. no longer part of the curriculum? How about something simple like requiring gym shorts, sneakers, jumping jacks, running, lifting a few weights, and 50 sit ups for forty-five minutes a day. Don’t forget to eliminate soft drink and candy machines on campuses.

The Campaign Skipper becomes the American Campaign Skipper this morning – congrats. I wonder if he’ll sing the national anthem next time he makes it to The Yard.

Here is what H-Town City Council Member James Rodriguez had to say at yesterday’s council meeting:

“As we approach the Fourth of July, I want to take the time to comment about recent actions here locally by our federal government.

“Last week’s commando style raid by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) of Actions Rags U.S.A. just outside of my district, should concern all Houstonians not so much for the seeing that our laws being enforced but rather in the manner in which they are being enforced.

“The raid at the site which is located close to an elementary school involved nearly 200 federal agents and helicopters. It is my understanding that children at the school were frightened.

“One would have thought that agents were raiding an Al Quaida cell.

“The workers that were apprehended - mostly women – were then paraded in front of the media and cameras for all to see.

“Many of them have families here with children who are in our public schools and now their lives have been disrupted.

“These were women involved in the recycling of used clothing.

“Earlier this year Houstonians witnessed a similar scene when the Shipley Donuts warehouse was raided.

“In yesterday’s Chronicle, both local Congressmen Gene Green and Ted Poe have criticized ICE’s raid tactics.

“ICE has said that the raids are sending a message that they intend to crackdown on those that are hiring undocumented workers.

“I find it alarming and interesting that the public never gets to see the employer paraded in the so called “perp walk” for the media.

“I understand the need to enforce our federal immigration laws. What I don’t understand is the need to enforce them using these types of heavy handed tactics.

“This administration has found fit to cooperate with ICE on certain matters. I would hope that the administration visit with local ICE leadership to see if they can ratchet down the manner in which they conduct their raids.”

Way to go James!

The Big Puma says he’ll participate in the Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium during the All Star Games festivities – great! We’re still 10 games out.

July 2, 2008 9:00AM

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