By Marc Campos

A Contest Of Choice? Weddings

Hey, it looks like we’re going to have a Choice debate after all in the race for the Texas Dem nomination for U.S. Senator. That’s a real good thing. In the coming weeks and months, Texas Dem activists get to grill the candidates on their issues like Choice. In a race as important as the U.S. Senate, getting Dem activists involved is a healthy thing. It is going to be interesting to see how the Texas Dem Party interest groups lineup. We’re going to also see how loud money talks.

From the you gotta be kidding department, the Chron had a piece this past weekend about the folks that run the Katy Freeway saying they ain’t got room for light rail out there – huh? You could land a jumbo jet, the space shuttle, a Darth Vadar Death Starship all out there at the same time and you’re telling us you ain’t got room for light rail. The Katy Freeway is one of those man made disasters that needs fixing. Where’s the leadership on this – stuck in traffic?

James Rodriguez and The Lovely Wendy got some run in today’s Chron on their beautiful wedding Saturday night - thanks to Cin probably. Also in attendance The Barron from V&E, Laura Salinas, Frume and Janie and Lenora and John, Al and Julie and Lisette Luna (more on them later), of course Cin and hubby David and Fulbright’s Huff, Roman and Diana, The Senator from District 6, Houston City Council Member Melissa and soon to be senate candidate Rick, the folks I mentioned last week, Freddy and Blanca, Planned Parenthood’s Mel, G-Man, The Campaign’s Skipper, and a kazillion friends, family and folks from District I. Everyone had a great time.

VJ caught the bouquet and after a careful review of the replay, no elbows were thrown. I can’t say the same about Jerome taking out a few groomsmen as he made an unsuccessful grab for the garter. A highlight of the wedding was the two dads dancing on stage.

Andy the Best Man, errrr James’ brother will probably be asked to pen a few campaign raps for James. He did a heckuva job toasting the couple.

On February 17, 1980 Lisette Luna was born. She’s the daughter of Al and Julie Luna. She’s also My God Daughter. Al used to be Chair of the Mexican American Legislative Caucus. Al and Julie married in 1979. They met when Al was working in DC. Lisette was raised in Denver Harbor and now she’s getting married this Saturday – one of those 777 weddings – to Mike Schneiders. They met when they were both working for the Houston Rockets. They are going to make their home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – now Commentary has a reason to go to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mike’s a Cubbie fan, Lisette of course loves the ‘Stros. Lisette works for Deloitte, Mike works for the Bucks.

Speaking of the NBA, Eva Longoria and the Spur also get married this Saturday. No contest, Lisette’s prettier. Lisette don’t need touching up.

Well, Numero 45 is an all star – our only all star. Hunter Pence got robbed – 4 for 5 yesterday, batting .340. Roy O. has a shot to still make the team – go online and cast a few votes for him, please!

Commentary got dinged pretty good by a Luke Scott line drive Friday night. I have a purple bruise the size of a baseball, what else, on my pec. It hurts even when I walk. I missed the ball – it was going about 1000 miles per hour – when it hit, it sounded like a boom. I’m a career 1 for 3 on line drives.

We’re 12 under .500, 12 and ½ out with the Phillies in town for three – see you at the yard.

July 2, 2007 9:00AM

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