By Marc Campos

Pasadena Justice

This Joe Horn fella in Pasadena nailed a couple of paperless folks who were burglarizing his neighbor’s home. A Harris County grand jury did not indict the fella. What do you think would have happened if a Latino had pulled the trigger on two young Anglos kids from Pasadena middle income families? You get the picture. The Chron’s Nick Anderson has a - pardon the pun - killer cartoon – check it out.

Obama gave a speech on patriotism yesterday. Commentary doesn’t wear a flag pin. On occasion, I wear a ‘Stros pin. Commentary is one of the very few that sings the national anthem at The Yard and they even put the words on the jumbotron.

Another take on H-Town Council Member Jolanda Jones:

“Jolanda is not your typical local politician; and that's good. We need at least one loud mouth in the council. We elected her to represent. There are many other "Loud Mouths" in Houston who are not at the table. Thank God Jolanda and her loud mouth is there!!”

Another take on Commentary’s “gun show” take:

“fyi, The Resolutions Committee at the recent State Convention, passed a resolution that said the TDP was in complete support of the 2nd Ammendment.”

What is it with clubhouse action at The Yard? Last Saturday over at The Yard, ManRam got physical with and shoved the Red Sox’s traveling secretary over comp tickets for players. ManRam wanted like 16 tickets for pals for Sunday’s game and the traveling secretary was having a hard time making the accommodation.

It looks like Lance Berkman is working on his All Star Game acceptance speech. The Big Puma has a 724,041 delegate lead. It looks like wait ‘til next year for Miguel Tejada.

The ‘Stros are now 40-43. The Chron predicted we would be 40-43 at the end of June. We’re still 10 games out.

July 1, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary