By Marc Campos

Tonight’s Latino Flavor

In tonight’s Prez Dem debate from LA, Commentary is predicting that the Latino voter will get a lot more run than usual and that is a real good thing. There won’t be any red, white and green bashing tonight – that’s for sure.

Speaking of the Latino vote, we know for sure that Hillary’s campaign manager is a Latina and I know a lot of Latina/Latino Dem leaders are for Hillary, including the Mayor of LA. Who is the ranking Latino/Latina on the Obama campaign? I need to check on this. Teddy Kennedy doesn’t count as being a Latino.

Meanwhile, the First Baseman’s Mitt is whistling close to the old political grave yard. I wonder how you say flip flopper in Spanish.

The local federal courthouse will be the place to be today as the current Harris County DA’s problems take center stage again. Expect some more juicy stuff.

The Carol Alvarado fundraiser last night was the place to be, errr be seen last night. In attendance H-Town’s Mayor White, Clyde “The Glide” Drexler, Tilman Fertitta, Erika Bagwell (Jeff was at The Yard and couldn’t make it), Texans Defensive End N.D. Kalu (I’m glad he’s on Carol’s side – this guy is BIG), Council Members Rodriguez, Green and Jones, Senators Whitmire and Gallegos, State Reps Cohen and Hernandez, Joyce and Uchenna Agu, Chris Bell, Michael Moore, Gerard Torres, Gringo’s Russell Ybarra, former Rep Jaime Capelo, Port Commissioner Janiece Longoria, Massey Villarreal, Lynden Rose, Planned Parenthood’s Melaney Linton, H-Town’s Lobbyist Ann Travis, Jessica Rossman and Gordon Bethune, and Agenda Director Marty Stein, among others. Where were you?

Speaking of The Yard, The Rocket made an appearance yesterday at The ‘Stros Elite Camp – let’s play ball!

January 31, 2008 9:00AM

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