By Marc Campos

Color Matters, Dude Reads, Happy Birthdays

It is an interesting debate that some folks are having within the Texas Dem Party activist community today – are we harder on Dem Electeds of Color if they so-call sell out to R interests, like the Tio TDs? Commentary has mentioned this in the past on a few occasions. Of course we are harder on Dem Electeds of Color. One of the all time biggest collaborators with the enemy in Texas Dem Party history – former Texas House Speaker Pete Laney – let it be known back in 2000 that he didn’t want his Dem members cracking on W’s Prez campaign. I think if we would have had more Texans out in battleground states like Florida doing some W cracking – who knows. One war later, Dem folks still treat Benedict Pete like some sort of Dem Party hero. Just because he got punked a year later by W’s party doesn’t mean he gets to be let off the hook – period.

Speaking of W, things aren’t looking too good for Dick’s Scooter at the DC courthouse…tst, tsk, tsk. I wonder if they have a line up in Vegas if and when W will pardon him as a favor to Dick.

Guv Dude reads Commentary. Guv Dude announced his Fix TSU Now Panel and it has quite a few African American Dems on it – some are Commentary’s good buddies like Judge Z, Anthony and Howard. They definitely have a tough job.

Nolan Ryan is 60 years young today. Cubbie great Ernie Banks is 76 – let’s play 2. Eighty-eight years ago today Jackie Robinson was born.

January 31, 2007, 9:00AM

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