By Marc Campos

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Coretta Scott King has died. She was one of the world's greatest humanitarians and civil rights leaders. For the past 38 years, she carried the legacy of her husband with class. She taught us well about respect and dignity. We will never forget her. She will be missed.

W gives his State of the Union speech tonight. I'm sure he'll open his remarks by saying something nice about Mrs. King. I'm also sure his remarks will ring hollow. You ever hear of New Orleans? Tonight will probably be a good time to rent "Crash" - just kidding. I'm going to watch W just to rile myself up. What can he say to make America buy into his BS? We'll see.

"Brokeback Mountain" leads with eight Academy Awards nominations. "Crash" and "Good Night and Good Luck" have six. "Capote" and "Munich" have five each. George Clooney gets three nominations - "Syriana" Supporting Actor, directing and writing on "Good Night and Good Luck."

Speaking of movies, "The Last Picture Show" is one of our Mayor's all time favorite movies - according to the Chron. It figures. In the movie, "tackling" is one of the underlying themes - this mayor certainly knows how to tackle the big issues. Need to find out the Mayor Pro Tem's favorite movie.

Oops, forgot, yesterday was Veep Cheney's 65th birthday.

January 31, 2006 9:00AM

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