By Marc Campos

Uncle TDs, Chamber Again, Bagwell’s Day

A veteran Democratic Texas House member called out his Democratic colleagues that supported Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick by calling them Uncle Tom’s Democrats – ouch! I guess referring to them as plain old Craddick Democrats is out. How about just UTDs, Your TDs, or better yet Uncle TD’s, or better better yet – Tio TDs?

When the Texas Dem consultants, you know, the group of the White Folk persuasion only, meets again to put together their hit list for the Dem primary next spring, they can also create a Tio TDs PAC. I wonder if they’ll accept contributions in pesos.

Speaking of pesos, I kind of think the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce got a bum rap in yesterday’s Chron. It makes you wonder who has it out for them. Well, look at it this way. The Greater Houston Partnership had some internal problems last year that got covered. The Visitors and Convention Bureau or whatever you call it got some bad run in the Chron on the Jordy thing. So at least the Hispanic Chamber is in good company.

Houston City Hall is where it is happening this afternoon. One of My Best Friends will honor Astro great Jeff Bagwell at City Council – pretty cool. Council Member Carol Alvarado’s council district includes the yard so I guess that’s why she gets to do the honors. She’s also a huge fan along with her colleagues Lovell and Lawrence.

This is one occasion where Commentary won’t mind if all the members of council have something to say about Bagwell, you know, their own Bagwell story. I hope they all get their photos taken with the future Hall of Famer. They better take some gear for him to autograph.

Pam-In-Charge and other ‘Stros big wigs will also be there. Commentary won’t be able to attend but I’ll watch it on the tube. Hey, it’s definitely better than listening to them talk about graffiti ordinances.

When Bagwell gets voted into the Hall of Fame in a few years, do you think city council will honor him again? You bet!

January 30, 2007, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary