By Marc Campos

Cops And Paperless Folks, Cops And Fleeers, Mas 1836, Crash and Tiger Win, First Pitch

Two Orange County, California police agencies want to get into the border patrol business - helping chase down folks without papers - bad idea. Neighboring police agencies in Los Angeles County oppose this idea as does the International Association of Chiefs of Police. If you ask me, I think in the case of the Orange County Dick Tracys, it is just a first step in trying to get their grubby hands on Homeland Security buckos.

The Houston Police Department (HPD) will create the Pursuit Review Committee - they'll be checking out how HPD handles those folks that don't want to pull over. HPD's Chief says the committee will be headed by an assistant police chief and committee membership might include local business and university folks. I'm sure it will be a committee that looks like the community - diverse and balanced. It'll be interesting to see who gets named. Maybe they ought to ask the members how many times they have ever been pulled over by a patrol unit.

There was a discussion the other evening amongst Latinos about how does the new soccer team market "1836" to the city's Spanish language community - it is a mouthful in Spanish - even "36ers" is a lot to say in Spanish. Maybe they ought to have a contest to come up with a slogan. There was an op-ed in yesterday's Chron authored by a respected local Latino university prof - says that the name "1836" is an insult to local Latinos. I don't want to argue with the fella that wrote the piece, but maybe Latinos can turn "1836" into a history lesson plus - when folks ask me why "1836", I can reply "that's the year when Texas was stolen from Mexico." FYI: Texas' first vice-president, back when it was a republic, was a Latino - Mexican, errrr, Texican.

If you checked out last night's Screen Actors Guild awards ceremony, you saw that "Crash" won the top prize - Best Acting Ensemble - told you. Great acting, great flick. In his season debut, Tiger was Tiger - he won the Buick Invitational.

The fella that threw out the first pitch in 2000 at our new crib goes on trial today. Wonder what the Vegas line is on guilt/acquittal?

January 30, 2006 9:00AM

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