By Marc Campos

Bang, Bang Nevermore

The Chron has a piece today on the H-Town Mayor’s “Hope” ad and the “Pitchman” letter. It is definitely not a good story for the Mayor. Check it out. Here is what an African American activist had to say in the Chron piece: ‘For him to place himself in the center of these two great black men as the hope that took place between the dream and the change is an absolute insult to the intelligence of the black community.’

The activist is holding a press conference today to presumably take some more shots at the Mayor. Ouch!

For the record, Commentary is really not bothered by the ad or the letter but a lot of times I’m not always right. To a lot of folks though, it looks like the Mayor and his handlers shot themselves in the foot twice or in both feet once. I’m sure there are a lot of the Mayor’s detractors that are yuk yukking it up this morning.

Hey, maybe the Mayor can make it up by moving quickly to add two more H-Town City Council seats like the deal said. What is it going to hurt?

Speaking of, my buddy Harold’s Letters from Texas really cracked me up on this. Check it out. Ouch, ouch!

The GOP Members of the U.S. House don’t look like they are in the mood to help out the world’s ailing economy and 164 years ago today Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” was first published and the GOP sent the following message to The President yesterday - “nevermore!”

The Houston Area Latino Summit is still taking shape. A tentative agenda has now been posted. Latinos/Latinas are registering. The moderators are set. All of the presenters are confirmed. Sponsors are signing on. Go to www.camposcommunications.com for information on the Houston Area Latino Summit that will be held from 10 am to 1 pm, Saturday, February 14, 2009 in the Champions Pavilion at Minute Maid Park.

Commentary and my friend Hector De Leon will be on the Access Cable station this evening at 6:30 pm live to talk about the Summit – check us out!

Before the ‘Stros’ Winter Caravan headed into San Antonio yesterday day with Hampton, Saccomanno, Baggy, and Milo, they stopped at the Lone Star State Capitol and were warmly welcomed and recognized by State Reps Cohen and Alvarado – both huge fans of the ‘Stros. Here’s what Alvarado sent out: "I want to thank Milo, Jeff, Mike and Mark for visiting us in Austin today. The Houston Astros have always been a great community partner. Having them come to the capitol to spread their "Play Green" initiative reminds us that the Astros are a true ambassador of Texas. Their commitment to environmentally-friendly programs should serve as an example to all."

FYI: Play Green Night at The Yard is Wednesday, April 22 versus the Dodgers and they are giving away green caps made out of recycled material – cool!

January 29, 2009 9:00AM

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