By Marc Campos

Los Deciders?

Remember when Lone Star State Dem leaders tried to get us into Super Duper Tuesday and Commentary said that wasn’t a good idea. Just think, today we’d be one of 23 states vying for attention – yuk! After next Tuesday, we will be the biggest delegate state remaining on the primary season schedule. There is a very good possibility that the Lone Star State will play THE pivotal role in the Prez sweepstakes on March 4. With the Latino vote becoming more of a force in Lone Star State elections, la gente could very well determine who our next Prez will be. Hey, that’s what you get for picking on paperless folks. What goes around comes around. That means that Latinos will get a whole lot of run. It will be interesting to see who the national media goes to for takes on the Latino vote.

If the Lone Star State is still in play, Commentary is predicting that Latino voters will show up big time in the Dem Primary. Commentary is also predicting that the March 4 winner will be the candidate that figures out that there are Latino voters in Harris County. Maybe, just maybe America will finally notice that we have a whole lot of Latinos here in H-Town. I guess that’s my mission for now – letting America know.

Hey, maybe we can call it El Super Martes or Si Se Puede Tuesday!

Commentary dropped by the ‘Stros Elite Camp yesterday. It was nice to hear the crack of the bat again. It looks like they are doing touch up work at The Yard.

January 29, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary