By Marc Campos

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If the good old US of A is ever going to elect a woman as Prez, Hillary is our best chance. If we don’t do it this time, we won’t get another chance for a while says My Brown Eyed Girl. I tend to agree.

LoRod penned a piece on the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in today’s Chron. The bad new – the article isn’t too flattering. The good news – Latino issues are being covered on the front page of the Chron. I have faith that Edgar, Rosi and the rest of the folks over there at the Chamber know what they are doing. Stay tuned.

Commentary’s not going to get all worked up about Texas House Speaker Craddick’s committee appointments. Two of the Rs that tried to overthrow Craddick got lousy appointments. I’m not going to shed tears for Rs – sorry pals.

The cry baby Rs complained that the appointments were made by email and hard copies were not handed out. Hey, maybe The Speaker is trying to save some trees.

Dem activists don’t need to be feeling sorry for the cry baby Rs that ended up on Craddick’s hit list.

A powerful, respected and experienced Dem House member said about the Craddick appointments – “My momma always told me that a leopard doesn’t change his stripes” – huh!

“Babel” is cool - kind of like “Traffic” and “Crash” – very powerful. It’s about a gun – see it. I still think “Departed” has the edge for Best Pic though.

“The Return of the Good Guys” is this year’s ‘Stros slogan – I’m OK with this. At the baseball writers’ dinner Friday night, Luke Scott was named the Astros Rookie of 2006. In his acceptance remarks, Luke thanked God three times. Later that evening when Scrap Iron spoke, he said Luke, Jason Lane and Richard Hidalgo would be fighting for the starting right field position. It looks like Luke’s gonna need some help from upstairs.

Linda Montoya – a mom and grandma – was chosen in a fan contest to intro the Astros Pitcher of 2006 - Roy O. Linda did one hekuva intro. Jeff Bagwell was also there and received a well deserved and prolonged standing ovation.

Speaking of the yard, giveaways this year include a Carlos Lee bobble head and a Brad Ausmus surfer bobble head – cool. Expect the ‘Stros to heavily promote Carlos Lee this season – that’s a real good thing. I get a feeling that the Houston Latino community is going to warm up to Carlos Lee and vice versa. There is nothing wrong with that!

Tiger played some golf this weekend and won again. What else is new?

January 29, 2007, 9:00AM

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