By Marc Campos

Bloody Duper Tuesday

There will be blood next Tuesday. It’ll be a coast to coast OK Corral in both political parties. Political futures and reputations are on the line – yikes!

Ted Kennedy is endorsing Obama today. Caroline Kennedy endorsed Obama yesterday. The talking heads are saying that Senator Kennedy’s endorsement will help Obama with the Latino voter. The Kennedys and the Latino voter have a political history together. The 1960 Viva Kennedy organizations helped launch the modern day Latino political movement. Bobby Kennedy was close to Cesar Chavez. Teddy Kennedy received strong support from Latinos in his run for President in 1980 – Commentary helped run his primary effort in Texas.

Teddy Kennedy’s campaign was 28 years ago. There is history there for sure, but that’s all it is – history. For Latino old timers like Commentary, the Kennedy endorsement may have a special but distant ring. For a whole lot of new Latino voters, well, they are just not familiar with the history. So I think the Kennedy/Latino vote impact for Obama is being overstated.

There are a lot of Teddy Kennedy admirers throughout the U.S. of A. – Commentary is one of them. Heck, I have his “To Sail Against The Wind” 1980 poster hanging in the front office. Aside, from Commentary, I think most Kennedy admirers already have officially made up their minds in the Dem Prez sweepstakes.

Somebody needs to tell Obama that the U.S. of A.’s First Daughter is CaroLINE not CaroLYN.

The Chron’s columnist did a piece on Harris County Dems versus the GOP in yesterday’s newspaper. That’s OK with me.

Also in yesterday’s Chron, the right wing Father of H-Town’s Term Limits penned an Op-Ed yesterday attacking Carol Alvarado’s position. Like I said, Carol’s piece hit the right, errr wrong nerves.

“There Will Be Blood” was checked out this weekend by Commentary and My Brown Eyed Girl. A for sure Best Actor Oscar for Daniel Day-Lewis but I don’t think it will win Best Pic, but go check it out.

Commentary will sneak off this morning to check out the ‘Stros Elite Camp at The Yard.

January 28, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary