By Marc Campos


My job is to win campaigns. I think I have done alright. My job isnít to govern.

After we read today's Chron article on Commentary's demise, we skipped over to the Obit page, whew, my buddy was relieved to know I still have a pulse.

Now let's see, you lose a race and you're washed up - according to the Chron.

I guess when I win my next race, I can call myself the comeback kid.

My buddy asked me this morning if I was p____d off at the article. Nah. There were a couple or three inaccuracies in the article, but no big deal. I get blamed for stuff that happens in our politics all the time. Most of the time the blame is misplaced. One item in the article stands out today, where some folks know the truth - it's sad to see an accusation made when the accuser should know better. Again, no big deal.

Look, in the next cycle of elections, there will another high profile race in the community where my clout has declined. A candidate that will most likely be the favorite has already enlisted my services - so it goes. Hope the candidate is out of town today and doesn't read today's piece in the Chron.

January 27, 2006 9:00AM

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