By Marc Campos

The Nays

By Marc Campos

Akaka (Hawaii), Bayh (Indiana), Boxer (California), Byrd (West Virginia), Dayton (Minnesota), Durbin (Illinois), Harkin (Iowa), Jeffords (Vermont), Kennedy (Massachusetts), Kerry (Massachusetts), Lautenberg (New Jersey), Levin (Michigan), and Reed (Rhode Island). They are the U.S. Senators that voted against the confirmation of Condi Rice for Secretary of State. Where's Hillary? Biggest surprise: Evan Bayh. Maybe Bayh is considering a run for prez.

During her confirmation hearing, war bungler Rice objected to having her integrity impugned by Senator Barbara Boxer. Duh! How can your integrity be impugned when you don't have any integrity?

Al Gonzales' confirmation will be a little rough. All eight Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted against him for AG. They claim he has avoided answering questions regarding the administration's policy on torture. What do they want him to say: "Yes Senator, we asked if lighting match sticks under a detainee's eyelids was considered torture". He'll be confirmed, but not after the Dems rake him over the coals.

She's a liberal. Actress Teri Polo plays Congressman Matt Santos' (Jimmy Smits) wife on "The West Wing". She is also a white lib. (Polo can currently be seen in "Meet the Fockers".) The presidential campaign shifted to Iowa and we got to know Alan Alda's character, Republican U.S. Senator Arnold Vinick from California. Vinick is also running for president and so far he is not such a bad guy for a repub. Word is the creators of the series and NBC are considering injecting a bit of reality TV by having viewers vote on who should win the campaign. Commentary thinks this idea stinks. On network TV, the Latino would never stand a chance. Besides, there are more "MASH" fans out there than there are "LA Law" fans.

January 27, 2005, 9:00AM

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