By Marc Campos

Hillary Knows, Our TSU, Yardspeak

Props go to Senator Hillary Clinton for having a Latina serve as her campaign manager – Patti Solis Doyle. Hey, if Latinas/Latinos are good enough for running Prez campaigns of frontrunners in the most powerful country in the whole worldwide universe, they’re good enough for anything else. That’s why Hillary is a frontrunner. The Latina/Latino community should be proud. I don’t think I need to say anything else about this – period.

Guv Dude laid down the law yesterday to Texas Southern University (TSU) - shape up and fire some folks. Of course, most of the folks that’ll get the axe are of the African American persuasion. I wonder if Guv Dude has a name for this venture – kind of like “Project Wrangler Third Ward.” Guv Dude says he’ll appoint a blue ribbon panel to address and solve the financial mess. Hopefully he’ll appoint some Dems to the group. Maybe it’s time the entire city gets behind this effort. It’s a part of the community that helps define who we are.

Let’s see now. Yesterday ‘Stros outfielder Jason Lane signed a one year contract for the coming season. He’ll get paid a little over $1 mil. He hit a whopping .201 last year. Go on ahead. It’s OK to scratch your head on this one. Maybe if he continues to hit the way he did last season, instead of having a Jason Lane Bobble Head Day, they’ll have a Jason Lane Voodoo Doll Day. Ditto Morgan Ensberg. The third baseman hit .235 last season and he’s getting paid $4.3 mil for this season – arrrgh!

Commentary is going to the local baseball writer’s big dinner this evening – hey, I write about baseball – that’s why I get to go – well, sorta. I guess I’ll run into Berkman, Roy O., Luke Scott, Ausmus, Scrap Iron, Drayton, Tim and the Chron’s Jesus. I get to sit at Pam-In-Charge’s table. I don’t think I’ll be part of the working press tonight.

Speaking of the ‘Stros, One of My Best Friends – Council Member Alvarado, will honor Jeff Bagwell at City Hall next Tuesday. Stay tuned!

January 26, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary