By Marc Campos

Reveal, The Trial, The 36ers?, Tiger

I'm probably going to pi___ff my fellow Dems, but I'm not cool with the notion that the groups that are running the anti-DeLay ads here in our media market don't have to disclose the names of the donors. Even though the law doesn't require them to disclose their donors, I think it would be better if names were revealed. I think Dems would be better off if the voters in the congressional district knew who was paying for the ads. Don't let DeLay make a big deal out of something that should be nothing.

There is a story today in the Chron about "Houston's Trial of the Century" - you heard it first here - the Enron Trial. Today's article is about the media that'll be in town. There is a mention about the cafeteria in the federal courthouse that will be used. Guess the city leaders didn't read yesterday's Commentary - you know, setting up a big tent across the street and serving the city's finest cuisine. If you let them eat cafeteria food, then we deserve to be nailed.

Ok, I'm gonna give it a try - talking about soccer - not play it, rather pay attention to Houston's new Major League Soccer franchise - the 1836. Gotta give it to Oliver Luck and his gang for coming up with the name 1836 that'll soon be known as the 36ers, like the 49ers and the 76ers. For those of you that don't know, 1836 was the year Houston was born. Apparently, there are some Latinos here that aren't too happy with the name 1836 - that was the year San Houston put a whupping on the Mexican Army down I-10 at the San Jacinto River. It was also the year that Texas gained its independence from Mexico. It was also the year that the Mexican Army put a whupping on William Barrett Travis and his fellas at the place next to the Rivercenter Mall. I personally don't find 1836 offensive, I actually like being a Texan.

Tiger Woods kicks off his season today. Wonder how many majors he'll win this year?

January 26, 2006 9:00AM

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