By Marc Campos

Texas DNCers For Frost

By Marc Campos

Big deal. 14 out of 15 Texas members of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) endorsed former and recently defeated congressman Martin Frost for DNC Chair. Yawnnn!

This was expected but nobody is going to pay attention. To the rest of the Democratic Party world, Texas is a loser state. Texas does not have any statewide elected Democrats. Texas Democrats have lost control of the state legislature. Texas congressmen just got punked by Tom DeLay. The Texas DNCers are supporting Frost, the most prized of DeLay roadkill.

Texas Dems that are promoting Frost are the same Dems that should be held responsible for running the state party into and beyond the earth's lithosphere plate. If the rest of the DNC world takes guidance from Texas Dem leaders, then it may be time to hide our first born from the GOP.

It would be one thing if Texas Dems could offer up to national Dems a major state Dem example or initiative on how to rebuild a party, but in reality, they don't have anything to take to show and tell. Commentary would be surprised if the DNC bought off on - "hey we're from Texas, we've let our party go down the toilet, let us now run the DNC". We'll see.

January 26, 2005, 9:00AM

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