By Marc Campos

Dems versus GOP in Harris County

In today’s Chron there is a good article about the November election here in Harris County. The GOP County Judge is worried. I don’t blame him. Here’s what Ed Emmettt has to say.

"We have got to make sure that the Republican Party gets its act together and moves forward."

"We don't live in 1994, we don't live in 1998 ... we are facing a county that is changing demographically, and I don't mean just racially."

"that they (GOPers) have gotten lazy, and I don't mean the candidates, I mean mainly the (campaign) consultants."

"I saw campaign brochures that, basically, you just put clip-art on, you put an 'R' after your name and you expect you are going to win. Well, those days are gone."

"We have to go house-to-house and carry a positive message of why Republicans can provide the government people want."

It is obvious that Emmett recognizes they have big problems going in and it is obvious that Emmett wants the GOP to do something about it. Emmett is not going to just sit back and let things stay as they are. It looks like the local GOP is going after younger Anglo voters that are moving into some of H-Town’s new inner city developments and blowing off the growing Latino vote because they know that they pi__ed this vote off.

Here’s what the Harris County Dem Chair had to say.

“Four years ago, Republicans won by party affiliation. Now they lose by party affiliation, so they do have to do something significantly different.”

We need to do better than this. What if Bin Laden is caught? What if the economy starts to turn around? What if Dems get caught in a scandal? What if the Harris County DA rides off into the sunset? One thing is certain. The local GOP is going to continue to attack paperless folks, so this is where local Dems need to start organizing.

Commentary has yet to see the Dem plans/strategy for this November. In the Latino community, one of the only electeds with experience running campaigns is H-Town City Council Member James Rodriguez. Maybe if I can get him to return my calls, he and I can visit and maybe he’ll take the lead in putting together the local Latino November Dem strategy.

Speaking of local public policy, The Rodeo suggested a couple of days ago that the Astrodome be turned into the world’s largest horse stall. Let’s see – Mickey Mantle, Jeff Bagwell, Earl Campbell, Luv Ya Blue, The Big E, Nolan Ryan, Elvis, Selena, Sinatra, high school football, and now horses__t! Tear it down please!

Speaking of local Latino public policy, there is a meeting next week among Latino leaders on who The Rodeo picks to perform. Some local Latino leaders say there needs to be more Tejano artists performing. Some local Latino leaders need to get a life. Commentary doesn’t think who performs at The Rodeo is dinner talk at Latino dinner tables throughout H-Town.

I was watching the GOP Prez wannabees debate last night. After the debate I was checking out Huckleberry – isn’t there a law that says you can’t marry your sister. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Somebody needs to tell me about the owl masks after the debate last night.

The line-up for the College Baseball Classic at The Yard was announced recently. The Longhorns, Owls, Coogs, Vols, Sooners, and Red Raiders (Feb. 29 – March 2) – the Longhorns are slotted for every evening game – hey they are a big draw. Check it out.

January 25, 2008 9:00AM

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