By Marc Campos

Dem Chair, Spotlight, Bags

A few months ago, I had a take on how to select the next Chair of the Texas Democratic Party. Some folks didn't take kindly to my idea and let me know. They said - "let the grass roots Democrats decide" and "take it out of the hands of the power brokers." Well guess what? With less than five months to go before the state convention, I still don't know who's running for State Dem Chair - do you? In less than six weeks we will have our precinct conventions - wouldn't it be nice to have a discussion then on who should be the next Dem Chair? I still think my idea back then still has merit.

Next week, the national and maybe the global spotlight turns on Houston - the Enron trial begins. Word is the city's leaders are worried about the negative coverage the city might receive, kind of like the Super Bowl-World Series of bad press. Lot of media will be in town and don't expect them to say nice things about our burg - just hunker down. I got an idea! The city leaders should erect a big tent across the street from the federal courthouse, have Houston's finest restaurants cater their best for breakfast, lunch, and happy hour to the members of the media for free - maybe that will blunt the criticism.

Hate to see what's going down between the Astros and Jeff Bagwell, particularly after reaching the World Series a few months ago. That's the $$$ side of baseball. That's why beer prices will probably creep up - again.

January 25, 2006 9:00AM

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