By Marc Campos

Perverts? The C-Word and the Dominican Republic versus The U.S. of A.

“They’re perversions of the system” says GOP State Senator Jeff Wentworth (San Antonio) in talking about the $18 mil plus cash-on-hand his 30 Senate colleagues have in their campaign accounts. The Dean – a Dem - leads the perverts, errr pack with over $3 mil – yikes! I’m betting The Dean doesn’t reimburse himself a whole lot. Commentary doesn’t have a problem with electeds having that much in the bank.

Speaking of, another Texas Supreme Court Justice is being banged around for his campaign spending. What are these electeds thinking! Who’s next? I think Commentary will have a contest on the most outrageous expenditures in campaign spending reports.

In today’s Chron, there is a column on the C-Word. Apparently, some of the prosecutors in the Harris County DA’s office use “Canadian” when referring to folks of the African American persuasion – huh? I’m still trying to figure this one out. They’re not going to think it’s that funny when a Canadian is elected to head that office later this year. I haven’t seen the Dem candidate for DA’s logo. I wonder if it includes the maple leaf. I wonder if it in French.

Speaking of Canadian athletes, Tiger Woods makes his 2008 debut today!

Engarde! Bats or balls – choose your weapon. A Senator from the Dominican Republic wants his country to get behind “El Pelotero de la Patria” - Miguel Tejada - in the United States versus Miguel Tejada. General Francisco Dominguez Brito who is also the former Attorney General of the Dominican Republic is leading the effort to get his country involved on behalf of one of their own. It sounds to me like the Dominican Republic is fixing to challenge the U.S. of A. to a duel and their weapon of choice will be baseball in a best of seven series. Let’s see, with a team that has Pujols, Pedro, Vladamir, Jose Reyes, Big Papi, Valverde and Wandy, Commentary thinks that Tejeda could be off the hook in five games. How do you say St. Arnold’s in Spanish?

January 24, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary