By Marc Campos

Scramble, Scooter Shuffle, Treatment

Commentary called it right – what else is new. There were three Texas Dem members of Congress that made sure they got their mug on TV with W last night. You saw them. You know who they were.

Tie goes to the runner, as they say at the yard. Hillary was sitting right behind Obama so they got equal TV mug time during the reaction shots.

Worst mug shot of the evening last night easily went to Secretary of State Rice. She looked bored, pi__ed, dazed, confused, and lost, you get the picture.

One thing about last night that the talking head pundits didn’t ask afterwards, who’s side was W on?

Meanwhile, it looks like the real show in DC appears to be at the federal courthouse. Dick’s Scooter is definitely not going to get rolled without a fight. Great, that’s all W needs nowadays. Don’t you love going through folks you don’t like dirty laundry.

Here’s a quote I’m getting sick of hearing from wannabees – “I give the American people enormous credit” – arrrgh! What do the American people get enormous credit for?

Speaking of wannabees, it looks like Obama is starting to get the treatment. Hey, that’s why they call them The Bigs. Even his local party that is being planned took a hit yesterday. There are no free rides in this business. Give credit to Obama’s folks though, they get to host the first wannabee Houston event of the Dem prez sweepstakes season.

That’s why Commentary doesn’t go to many Rocket games. They got a promotion for next Monday night’s game called “Guys Night Out.” They’re giving away calendars with cheerleaders wearing bikinis. I ain’t got problems with bikinis. I just don’t think there ought to be promotions of this type at Toyota. This is kind of a lack of class. Maybe some folks at City Hall, the County, the Sports Authority, or the Chron ought to chime in. They don’t do this at the yard. I’d rather get bobble heads, t-shirts, lids, magnetic schedules – you get the picture. Pam-In-Charge gave me a calendar with pictures of ‘Stros players with dogs that needed adoption. OK, the dogs weren’t wearing anything.

Dante, Luke and Their Mom head up to Sundance today to check out the cinema action. Maybe when the Sundance Kid checks them out, he’ll ask – “who are those guys?’

January 24, 2007, 9:00AM

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