By Marc Campos

Dissed Again

By Marc Campos

Texas Monthly, in an article written by Paul Burka and Patricia Kilday Hart, came out with its 25 most powerful Texans. Guess how many Hispanics made the list? Zero.

The list has a strong Texas legislative bent, but still, how about at least scribbling in a throwdown Hispanic. A handful of lobbyists are mentioned, what about former legislators turned lobbyists Hugo Berlanga, Eddie Cavazos, or Al Luna. Or veteran lobbyist Mario Martinez. The two African American state senators made the list (Rodney Ellis and Royce West) but the seven Hispanics (Barrientos, Gallegos, Zafirrini, Lucio, Madla, Van De Putte, and Hinojosa) were shut out.

The only House member to make the list was Speaker Tom Craddick, no House Hispanic was worthy. Maybe Texas Monthly thinks they are still up in Ardmore.

Burka and Hart obviously do not think that former and maybe potential gubernatorial candidate Tony Sanchez is a force despite word that Sanchez is lurking behind the scenes, administering advice to legislative Dems.

Hispanics make up about one third of the Texas population and zero percent of the Texas Monthly 2005 List of 25 Most Powerful Texans. íViva Los Hispanos De Tejas!

January 24, 2005, 9:00AM

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