By Marc Campos

Bad Words, State of the Scramble, Oscars

I wonder who thought up the name “Operation Wrangler” – Guv Dude’s revised border round-up of paperless folks. They aren’t cattle. They aren’t strays. They aren’t going to get branded. This isn’t Cowboys and Mexicans. They’re human beings. This “Wrangler” word kind of smacks of Machospeak. Maybe Da Bell ought to go over and have a chat with Guv Dude about this “Wrangler” name. Maybe at least they ought to make the “Wranglers”, errr border soldiers wear the state motto on their head gear – “friendship.”

The Mayor of the City of Brazoria wants to punish folks that use the “N” word. Hey, he’s got folks talking about the use of the “N” word and other bad words, so that’s a good thing.

It always gets me to see Dem members of Congress scramble over each other so they can shake W’s hand and get their mugs on TV with him when he strolls in to give his State of the Union talk. We’ll see who makes it on TV tonight on “Operation Scrambler.”

Speaking of tonight, I wonder if Vegas has a line on who gets more W speech reaction time on TV tonight – Hillary or Obama.

Well, the Oscar nominations were announced this morning and Commentary has only seen two of the Best Pic nominees – “Departed” and “The Queen.” Looks like an “Iwo Jima” or “Babel” Saturday for me this weekend.

January 23, 2007, 9:00AM

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