By Marc Campos

Rove Again, 26 & 2 Ads, Gary's Home, No More, Bubba

Rove is dishing it out again and it looks like the Dems are just letting him. The White House is aggressively defending its domestic spying program and in the process setting a trap for the Dems - if Dems challenge, we'll look like we don't think catching Bin Laden is a priority. It didn't help that Bin Laden dropped in last week. U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer had the best take yesterday when he said that Rove was just tying to divert attention from W's inept policies here and abroad. We need guys like Schumer out front and bench folks like Lieberman and Biden.

Props to KRIV-TV (Channel 26) and KPRC-TV (Channel 2) for running the slightly edited anti-DeLay ads (notice how I'm no longer calling him The Hammer.) When you watch the ads, if you try to be objective, yeah, sure, they don't really look like ads that were produced by a liberal organization. That's a good thing - the ads will definitely hurt him in the GOP primary - enough to knock him out in the semifinals? Doubt it.

Welcome home Gary Kubiak, the new Texans Head Coach! Now hurry up and put together your coaching staff and then let us know that Vince Young is "The Pick." If Kubiak, an Aggie, passes on Young, a Horn, think of the conspiracy ...... well, you know what I mean.

Guess America just isn't ready for a Latino president. The creators of "The West Wing" said this will be the last season - the final episode will air in May. Blame the ratings. I was really looking forward to how a Latino President deals with the immigration issue. I was also looking forward to maybe a brief spotlight on America's most overlooked Latino community - the Houston area Latino community. Commentary is going to try to figure out a way to keep Matt Santos active in the public policy debate after next May.

Went to the murder mystery dinner last night - "Honky Tonk Homicide" - it was fun. Folks got there in character. It takes place in Bubba's Bar - Lone Star Beer was served - yikess!! Had a couple or three, it's not bad. They also served chicken fried steak - hadn't had one of those in 14 or 15 years - only ate half though. Bubba is the character that dies - he's kind of a sorry fella - we never meet Bubba. Won't say who did it because the game is popular out there as a charity tool - don't want to spoil things. My Buddy and friends really got into it. I would definitely recommend.

January 23, 2006 9:00AM

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