By Marc Campos

Bill and Dems

Today is the 34th anniversary of Roe v Wade. Carol Alvarado is Co-Chairing today’s Roe v Wade luncheon for Planned Parenthood.

It is kind of funny. In 2000, folks said we lost to W because they kept Bill Clinton on the sidelines. In 2002, 2004 and 2006, Dems sent Bill Clinton all across the country. Now in 2008, some folks want Bill Clinton to “chill.” We forget that he’s the only Dem to kick major GOP arse in the last three decades. Stay in the game Mr. President.

“But you’ve got to trust. You elected the guy district attorney, and you’ve got to assume that he knows what he’s doing.” This quote is from today’s Chron from that Terry Yates lawyer fella. Yates was doing OK until this quote fell out of his pie hole. I think he needs to shut up and also stop cracking on grand jurors. Yates is the only guy in Harris County that has said anything positive about the current DA in the last month. Heck, the DA's own political party wants to run his arse out of office.

I think Dems need to brace for the old campaign spending report onslaught. Dems have taken delight in the media going through the reports of GOP electeds – you know hunting trips, tickets to ‘Stros games, fancy meals. I’ve seen some of our own reports – yikes! Sometimes we have to be careful what we wish for if you know what I mean.

Jolanda’s Sunday Op-Ed on the current DA got some feedback in today’s letters-to-the-editor section in the Chron.

The Chron’s E-Board weighed in on the current Harris County ethics flap. The E-Board says we don’t need a stinking ethics task force.

Maybe we need a task force on putting together only one MLK Day Parade here in H-Town.

Who contributes to candidates always gets some run with the media, activists, and the opposition. Some critics make a big deal on who gives and who receives. I respect candidates who will stand up and say that they won’t let a campaign contribution define who they are. Of course, you have to back up what you say.

The Oscar nominations came out this morning. In the Best Pic category, Commentary has seen “Michael Clayton”, “Atonement”, and “No Country for Old Men.”

Speaking of, Oliver Stone has announced that shooting will soon start on his new flick called “W”. It will be interesting to see how Stone will handle comedy.

Commentary doesn’t think that electeds – Dems or GOPers – using campaign funds to buy ‘Stros tickets is a bad thing. There are some things that are acceptable. Going out to see and root for Roy O, Numero 45, and Berkman is a good thing. Everybody needs to go to The Yard. When you go into The Yard, we check our partisanship at the door. Opening Day at The Yard is April 7 versus the Cards by the way.

January 22, 2008 9:00AM

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