By Marc Campos

Dreaming, State Of, Cooperstown Reads ….

A long, long, long time ago there was a Latino fella that was asked to join a campaign in a big city and develop a Latino vote strategy. They told the fella that in order for the candidate to win, a successful Latino vote strategy was a must. When the fella showed up for duty, he asked for the list of Latino leaders supporting the candidate – he was told that a list did not exist. There were only three Latinos in the entire big city supporting the candidate – an Anglo.

Well, the fella rolled up his sleeves and put together an effort. The fella was provided with the necessary resources and in the end the candidate received around 70% of the Latino vote. It was a pretty close election and the Latino vote help put the candidate over the top. Everybody celebrated. The candidate turned out to be a pretty good elected official and the fella that put together the Latino vote strategy rode off into the sunset (with Ennio Morricone playing in the background of course), never to be heard from again, well sorta. Every now and then there is a report of a sighting, usually down the right field line at the yard.

We got the State of the Union tomorrow night. We got the State of the City today. We got the State of the NFL in a week and a half. We’ll get the State of the Schools next month. We’ll have the State of the County soon. How about the State of the Yard? Listening to my friend Drayton talk about the ‘Stros would be pretty cool. They can charge like $10 a head with proceeds going to their charity. It would be in the evening at the yard somewhere so Commentary would be able to enjoy a cold one. I got to mention this great idea to Pam-In-Charge.

Speaking of the yard, the folks at Cooperstown read Commentary, well sorta. I got a message yesterday from the Cooperstown Cookie Company thanking me for giving them props. You’re welcome.

January 22, 2007, 9:00AM

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