By Marc Campos

Very Political

H-Town City Council Member Jolanda Jones should be the Dem candidate for Harris County DA – period. Jo penned a great Op-Ed in yesterday’s Chron on the current DA and his operation. She definitely tells it like it is. It is a very compelling piece on the local criminal justice system. Commentary told you last week to keep an eye on Jolanda because she would be doing good things. I was right. Check out her Op-Ed.

Commentary was checking out CNN’s live coverage of the Nevada Dem caucuses Saturday afternoon. Live from Caesar’s Palace the Caucus Chair said “We need somebody up here that can speak Spanish” – I’m sure the U.S. Mini Men went ballistic when they heard that – I love it!

If you build it they will come. If Latino voters feel they can make a difference, they will show up. In Nevada, Latinos supported Hillary big time. It looks like they made the difference. Latinos showed up. If Latino voters feel they can make a difference in Harris County this November, they will show up. Si se puede!

If I’m running for President and I’m married I want my spouse to go all out when campaigning on my behalf. That’s a no brainer! Commentary doesn’t want to hear any more criticism on Bill Clinton’s campaign style on behalf of his wife.

Somebody needs to tell John Edwards that it is all over for him. It is not going to get any better for him.

It looks like the Law and Order fella is heading back to Hollywood. Maybe he can land a guest spot on CSI and try to find out what happened to his campaign.

From the No Country For Old Men Department - Somebody needs to tell the Texas Ranger Walker fella that he’s the last one to be telling John McCain that he’s too old to be Prez. Heck, Ranger Walker can’t do anymore action drama flicks because his facelift gave him an everlasting smile. I don’t want to hear any thing else about Senator McCain’s bucket list, errrr campaign issues.

In yesterday’s Chron, the Chron’s conservative guest columnist took a shot at Carol Alvarado’s Op-Ed on term limits. Obviously, Carol’s piece hit a nerve out there. Way to go Carol.

H-Town has two MLK parades today – again. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

The Chron’ Jesus did a real good job on the two pieces he wrote about Miguel Tejada in yesterday and today’s Chron. Check them out.

January 21, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary