By Marc Campos

Friday's Wrap-Up

By Marc Campos

The "Pimp of the Week" award goes to former Texas legislator Arlene Wohlgemuth. As a legislator, Wohlgemuth led the way to cut the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIPs). Some say that was a contributing reason to her loss to Chet Edwards for congress in November. This past December she urged restoration for eyeglass benefits for kids in the CHIPs program. This week she signed up to lobby for the optometrists - who stand to make big money off of the CHIPs eyeglass program. At least let's be thankful Arlene is not in congress. Her pimping would be on an international scale.

It looks like Howard Dean is racking up the endorsements in his race for Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair. This week he received the unanimous support of the Florida DNC delegation. Commentary believes that Dems are looking for a different approach to leading the party and some Dem leaders - not the DC consultants - think Dean is a breath of fresh air and they are willing to take a chance on him. Dean looks like the favored candidate.

Back to cell phones. Commentary supports ticketing cell phone users - unless your cell phone is a hands free device type. Problem: some phones do not have that type of technology and for some that do, often times the hands free device does not work. The cell phone companies - who by the way oppose the criminalization of motorists using cell phones - will probably be slow to make hands free technology easy and workable.

Best moment at yesterday's inaugural? Can't think of one.

January 21, 2005, 9:00AM

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