By Marc Campos

Never Mind, Sore Loser, Here I Am, Dusty Diamond

Back in November of 2005, the Mayor of Houston and incumbent city council members were overwhelming reelected in part because of how the city handled the Katrina evacuees and how the city dealt with Rita - it was a somewhat feel good election. Well now it appears that some Katrina evacuees are beginning to be blamed for a recent spike in certain crimes in Houston - including homicide. If this continues, some council candidates could very well be running against Katrina evacuees in 2007. As they say, even in politics, never mind.

The fella that spent millions of our tax dollars investigating the former mayor of San Antonio is what you would call a sore loser. The special prosecutor pretty much came up empty handed and is now blaming the Clinton administration for blocking the investigation. You wonder why they are still talking about this 10 years after the investigation began.

Kind of reminds me of the '81 movie, "Zorro The Gay Blade," where the zorros kept popping out and saying "here I am" and in the process taunting the authorities. Talking about Bin Laden, who surfaced yesterday in an audio tape and taunted us all. Frankly, I think the fella is pushing his luck. Don't be surprised if he taunts once too much this year, gets caught or killed, hands W the biggest of prizes, errrr, right before the mid-terms.

Commentary agreed to do a murder mystery dinner this weekend as a participant - it is for a charity. Don't know how it really works - a total of 10 in the cast. I play a character called "Dusty Diamond," a trailer park trash wannabee C&W musician. We all have to show up in costume. The setting is in a saloon in Cactus, Texas. Don't know if Dusty is the one the bites the dust.

FYI: there is actually a town in Texas called Cactus. It is located in the Panhandle close to Oklahoma. According to CNN, it is the only town in the USA where folks without papers outnumber folks with papers.

January 20, 2006 9:00AM

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