By Marc Campos

Tows, Rice, and W

By Marc Campos

State Senator John Whitmire weighed in again, Dirty Harry style, threatening to put Mayor Bill White's "Safe Clear" freeway tow program under the review of the Texas Department of Transportation. Whitmire vowed to follow through on his threat if city leaders continue to make "divisive and prejudice" comments about "motorists who cannot afford to pay the extra money should stay off our state highways and freeways". In particular, he took aim at City Council Member Toni Lawrence and Bob Stein, one of the designers of the program.

Whitmire also wondered out loud why other elected officials and community leaders have not stepped forward to challenge these types of "insensitive" remarks. In other words, Whitmire is calling out his fellow elected - Democrats - officials. He's saying they are chicken.

Props go to U.S. Senators Barbara Boxer and John Kerry for voting against Condi Rice for Secretary of State. Rice is one of the architects of the Iraq war. It is pretty simple, if the war is screwed up, remember no WMDs, then why vote to confirm one of the war planners? Rice once warned of "mushroom clouds" coming from Iraq.

Today W takes the oath. Four more years. Four more years.

January 20, 2005, 9:00AM

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