By Marc Campos

The Young Political …., Dem Bored, Cinema Read

The Young Political Consultant That … Co-Chairs today’s Planned Parenthood Roe v Wade luncheon in H-Town. She’s put in a whole lot of time on this project. She’s definitely a warrior.

OK, Commentary is getting bored with all this Texas Dem Party activist finger pointing. Everybody has made their point. Well, nearly. Some misinformed fella said the Dem Party made an effort in Houston – huh! Somebody forgot to tell Commentary. They maybe made an effort in HD 134, but not in my ‘hood. Maybe the local Dem Chair forgot to mention it to me. We will see.

Commentary is going to have to eat his words and go read a movie. Since I saw the first half of Clint’s war flick, I have to go see the other half. Normally I don’t like to go to a flick with subbies, but in this case I have to because I already invested time. The second half if supposed to be better than the first. We will see, errr read.

January 19, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary