By Marc Campos

Public Enemy Numero Uno

Somebody forgot to tell Commentary that the federal government caught Bin Laden. Why else would they be putting resources into going after Miguel Tejada.

The Latino vote is finally getting some run. Commentary is predicting that the talking heads will be talking about the impact of the Latino vote tomorrow night after the Nevada Dem Caucuses. Now if they could only get some Latino talking heads. Hey, I don’t have plans for tomorrow night.

Speaking of, I don’t know what the big deal is in Nevada about holding caucuses in casinos. Heck, if there weren’t casinos, there wouldn’t be a Nevada. Let’s see, the Obama caucus will gather in the sports book room, the Edwards folks at the black jack table, the Hillary people in the slots area, and the Kucinich followers at the roulette wheel. Richardson, Dodd, and Biden already crapped out - ouch!

Commentary got a little run today in the Chron. It has to do with the dreaded C & Es. H-Town and Harris County has had more than its share of ethically challenged electeds lately.

The Lovely Wendy’s law firm is representing Miguel Tejada – whew! That’s a real good thing. Hey, you can meet Kaz Matsui today at the Kemah Boardwalk – see you there!

January 18, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary