By Marc Campos

Of the White Persuasion, Rebs, Albert

A couple of days ago CEWDEM sent out a piece about the Trials of Texas and their impact on the Texas Dem Party. Yesterday CEWDEM sent out a piece where one of the 2006 Dem statewide candidates does some cracking on Dem consultants in charge. Is this a legitimate debate in light of the fact that Dems scored some gains in the Texas House? Sure, why not, we’re Dems after all. What Commentary wants to know is why are all the Dem consultants being mentioned are of the male white folk persuasion? Are there any Latinos, African Americans, or women in the Dem consultant mix calling the shots? Commentary has got a problem with this, after all it is 2007.

Here’s the deal, Commentary will tear himself away from the yard for a few games this season (I’m making a tremendous sacrifice) and make himself available to give advice to the Texas Dem aristocracy – but only if I’m asked in a polite manner.

Here’s one I know we can all agree on. You know how the citizenship folks give a civics test with questions like where is the Washington Monument, who’s mug is on the $10 bill, when do we celebrate the Fourth of July, and who won the 2003 NCAA volleyball championship. Maybe the Texas Lege ought to pass a resolution requiring contractors and performers at future gubernatorial inaugurals to take a written test and answer questions like who won the War Between the States. Maybe that’ll weed out nut cases that want to wear Johnny Reb t-shirts at the inaugural parties.

Albert Pujols of the San Luis Cards is a class act. Two days ago his Cards were invited to The White House so they could show off their 2006 World Serious trophy in front of W. Albert passed on the trip because he was leading a team of doctors and other medical personnel to his homeland – the Dominican Republic - on a charity mission. Good for Albert.

January 18, 2007, 9:00AM

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