By Marc Campos

Barbara Radnofsky Is Running

By Marc Campos

Houston attorney Barbara Radnofsky filed the paperwork and is now a Democratic Party primary candidate for United States Senator from Texas. The primary election will be held in March of 2006.

Radnofsky, 48, is a partner at the prestigious Vinson and Elkins law firm.

Radnofsky is the first serious Democratic candidate to declare for the seat that is expected to be vacated by incumbent Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson. Hutchinson is gearing up to run in the GOP primary against Governor Rick Perry.

Commentary has observed Radnofsky and has found her to be a very attractive candidate. She knows she has to raise a ton of money and travel a whole heck of a lot. In the long run, she will be a better candidate than the "celebrity" names that are currently being mentioned. A darkhorse candidate that could very well end up winning.

January 18, 2005, 9:00AM

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