By Marc Campos

Craddick D(efender)?

Some of the Dem Primary action across the Lone Star State centers on the elimination of the so called Craddick Democrats. Here in Harris County the target is State Representative Kevin Bailey in District 140 Ė just north of Commentaryís hood. In some circles, the attitude is you are either with us or against us. Thatís fair enough. Commentary got an email invitation yesterday for a Bailey fundraiser next month. The special guests of the event are Rep. Sylvester Turner (what else is new) and Sen. Mario Gallegos. Does Gallegos get tagged in those circles for collaborating with the enemy? This is just food, errr red meat for thought.

Who says state government doesnít work. Congrats go to the Texas Education Commissioner for pushing back the TAKS test a day so the Lone Star State Primaries can go on without any glitches like the dreaded polling location changes.

Even though Texans have not gotten into the Prez sweepstakes yet, you canít say it hasnít been entertaining. Heck we still might get in to the contest.

Commentary is going to be on Hectorís access TV show this evening to talk about the ĎStros. Maybe Iíll also get in some takes on local politics.

Props go to the paperless folks for being creative and figuring out how to get around the mega fence that will someday go up. Commentary hears that the Texas Mini Men are going crazy up around Stephenville. Take me to your leader, errrr day labor center. I wonder how you say spaceship is Spanish.

Joan Ehrlich, a person that Commentary thought was a real good person, passed away a couple of weeks ago. She used to run the EEOC office here and did a darn good job. She also would drop in on occasion at The Roundtable. She was always nice to me. There will be a memorial service for Joan on Saturday, January 26 at 6 pm at the Rothko Chapel. For more information contact khoener@hendlerlaw.com.

Separated at birth? Commentary forgot to wish CEWDEM and Sue Davis a Happy Birthday yesterday so Happy Birthday yesterday. They are both the same age.

Happy Birthday today to The Greatest! Muhammad Ali is 66. Commentary saw two of his fights back in the 60s. Happy Birthday Champ!

The Chronís Jesus has a piece today on Miguel Tejada. Former H-Town Council Member Gordon Quan provides some good takes on Tejadaís immigration status. Gordon is a huge ĎStros fan. I think Tejada ought to hire Gordon because we need to make sure heís in the lineup on April 7 versus the Cards when they hand out the schedule magnets.

January 17, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary