By Marc Campos

Yesterday, Globetrotter, The Greatest

It was a very interesting Tuesday yesterday. CEWDEM and media consultant Sue Davis turned 55 yesterday – yikes! You know if CEWDEM wasn’t around, how would a lot of us communicate with each other? How would Commentary know what’s going on with Dems in the hinterlands? How would I know that Da Bell and Guv Dude broke bread, errr soda waters? How would folks know that Commentary existed?

Also yesterday, Guv Dude got sworn-in – awwww! Don’t worry. He didn’t give birthday props to CEWDEM or Sue during his inaugural speech. Guv Dude did say “Texas is better off when Republicans and Democrats work together.” He should have added “especially when DeLay ain’t around.” It’s funny, when the GOP make gains in erections, errr elections, they want to just keep doing us. When Dems make gains, GOPers want bipartisanship – tsk, tsk, tsk.

Also yesterday, the ‘Stros announced Brad Lidge will continue to be the ‘Stros’ closer next year – for $5 mil plus for the season – yikes again! Let’s see, six blown saves, a 5 something plus ERA, we don’t make the playoffs, and he gets a raise of over a mil. Don’t you love baseball math!

Also yesterday, the Cards’ Albert Pujols celebrated his 27th birthday – no, that wasn’t in the ‘Stros press release on Brad Lidge. And no, Guv Dude didn’t give him props either. I wonder if Lidge sent him a gift.

Also yesterday, Senator Obama said he was going to do some exploring for the next month. Translation – he’s gonna see if the “E” word is going to be that much of a factor in his bid. E equals Experience.

The pundits say it is the Big Two (Hillary and Obama) and the rest of the field in the Dem Prez sweepstakes. I think it is the Big Three (Hillary, Obama and Edwards) and the rest of the field.

Some folks in Austin put out a web story about the Trials of Texas and their impact on Texas Dem Politics. Hey, it ain’t earth shattering news. Some of us have been opining publicly about this for quite a while. What else is new?

“Babel’s” director, Alejandro González Iñárritu of Mexico, when he picked up his Best Drama Pic Globe the other evening took a clean shot at The Governator during his acceptance speech – he said he had his papers in order – touché Governator’s GOP.

The Greatest of All Time is 65 today. Commentary got to see him fight a couple of times in the Dome a long time ago. Happy Birthday Champ!


January 17, 2007, 9:00AM

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