By Marc Campos

JACK AbramOFF, Globes, Gore, Ignorance

George Clooney had the best line at last night's Golden Globe Awards in his acceptance speech when he thanked Jack Abramoff - then he opined about how one could be given the name Jack with a last name ending with "off." Clooney won best supporting actor for "Syriana."

My Best Dressed Awards go to Emma Thompson, Rene Zellwigger and Penelope Cruz. Worst Dressed goes to Drew Barrymore - hey Drew, it's the Golden Globes, not the Green Globes. Best Acceptance Speeches - Felicity Huffman, Geena Davis, Sandra Oh, and Steve Carrell.

Props to "Brokeback Mountain" for winning Best Drama Flick - definitely deserving.

Al Gore surfaced yesterday and took some serious shots at W. Yeah, he should have taken serious shots at W in the 2000 general and 2000 Florida recount.

I don't know about the Mayor of New Orleans. The NOLA Mayor says that God is mad at America and mad at African Americans, that's why NOLA and surrounding area got hit with hurricanes. I'd like to keep rooting for you Mayor, but when ignorant noise comes out of your piehole, it makes it tough.

January 17, 2006 9:00AM

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