By Marc Campos

Peter the Explorer

H-Town’s 2009 Mayoral Race officially opened yesterday – sorta. Over 130 supporters of H-Town At-Large City Council Member Peter Brown sent out a letter trumpeting the candidacy of Brown for Mayor in 2009. The letter came on “exploratory committee” letterhead. Toward the end of the letter it pointed out that Peter would be making an “early decision” on whether or not to get into the race. Let’s see, when Bill White got into the race back in 2003, he waited until after the November 2002 elections were over before he got in. Peter is getting an earlier start – maybe. The problem with getting in this early is that the campaign takes a risk of – pardon the pun – petering out. He’ll have to sustain a campaign for a considerable length of time – a marathon campaign so to speak. Why do they call it “exploratory” when everyone knows you’re running?

City Council meetings will get longer now because Peter will have takes on every matter that will be on the agenda.

Now that he finally reached first base, he’s now officially First Baseman’s Mitt.

Let’s see, the US of A is in a war, we’re heading into a recession, health care costs are out of control, we’re paying $3 plus for gasoline, and Miguel Tejada – huh? I’m glad the Dem controlled Congress is trying to destroy H-Town’s World Serious hopes in 2008. Henry Waxman is an a__hole – period. Barry, Barry, Barry, Matthews, Gagne, Williams, Glaus, Brown and Giambi – all mentioned in the Mitchell report get a pass by Waxman. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they have ties to California teams and Waxman doesn’t want to mess with his homies. That’s all I’m going to say about that for now.

CEWDEM is continuing to do his public service and sending out stuff on last weekend’s State Democratic Executive Committee meeting on what wasn’t put on the ballot. Some folks are taking up for the Dem State Party Chair. What I want to know is what is the State Dem Party doing to sign up Latino voters in the Lone Star State’s largest Latino community – H-Town? Nada!

Speaking of, I don’t want to run into any members of Congress on July 29 at The Yard versus the Reds when they hand out Miguel Tejada T-Shirts.

January 16, 2008 9:00AM

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