By Marc Campos

Dangling Hanging, Cold Blooded, Globes, We Accept Pesos

Billion of buckos spent on Iraq and they still can’t get a hanging right. Those guys make the Oxbow Incident look like an Easter egg hunt. First they go lynch mob during the Tom Dooley spectacle, then they go guillotine with a rope a couple of days ago. Here’s the best part. An Iraqi official says their “gallows were built to international standards and in accordance with human rights organizations” – huh! I guess they forgot to read the fine print warnings on how to tie a noose that prevents beheadings – that’s IKEA for you. I wonder if somebody’s going to appeal this to the International Standards on Rope Hangings Commission.

Brrrr! Sure it’s a weather decision, but the fact that they are moving Guv Dude’s swearing-in indoors today could mean that he’s ditching the cold blooded policies and coming over to the warm side – maybe, just maybe.

Commentary checked out the Golden Globes last night – pardon the double entendre. All my buddies said not to check out “Babel” or wait until it comes on video, but it won Best Drama Pic last night – huh! It was a good night for African American stars as Forest Whitaker, Eddie Murphy, Jennifer Hudson and Prince were winners. Good for them!

From here on out Commentary’s firm will accept pesos for consulting gigs – period. Hey, if they’re good enough for pizzas, then they are good enough for me.

January 16, 2007, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary