By Marc Campos

Chron Goofs, Omens, Wedding

One of the Chron’s columnists got it wrong yesterday – tsk, tsk, tsk. He penned a piece about Shelley’s $4 Million Special and he referred to a Houston City Council action of 14 years ago. The council action centered on the filling of a vacancy of a council district seat. The columnist referred to it as an at-large seat. Wrong! That’s a pretty big difference.

Commentary remembers the issue. It is part of local Latino political history. I guess the Chron columnist talked to someone that didn’t have their facts right. I mean, it was pretty much off of the mark – buzzer! Maybe the Chron’s research folks had the day off. Heck, maybe google got it wrong. He should have checked with Commentary. I kind of know a little about local Latino political history stuff. Heck, that’s all I know!

Commentary sometimes pays attention to omens. Like it is gonna be real cold tomorrow up in Austin for the swearing in of Guv Dude. It’s miserable today for the two local parades when we should only have one parade.

We had a wedding this past weekend. Lots of beer, food, beer, more food, beer – you get the picture. Commentary’s God Son got married and he did a salsa move on his way down the aisle after he got hitched – pretty cool. His best man and brother Mike – my nephew lamented during the toast that he didn’t get to host the “traditional” bachelor party – that’s a good thing. They don’t need to do that stuff. One of his sisters and my niece, Webb County prosecutor extraordinaire Linda – who is also the best looking woman in all of South Texas – and her hubby Silver – also a hot shot lawyer – were tough to beat on the dance floor.

Of course my nephew Vegas Rick has the best dance moves bar none! Commentary’s 83 year old dad is runner up in the dance moves department.

At the reception my 7 year old great-niece Rebecca was teaching Commentary how to work my new digital camera. Yesterday morning my 7 year old great nephew Dante was telling Commentary about Martin Luther King, Jr. Dante said that Dr. King was a president and had a dream. I told Dante that Dr. King should have been our president. Rebecca said that they were having classes today in Laredo – hey what’s up with that. She told My Brown Eyed Girl that she was going to have her mom call the school this morning and say that Rebecca would not be going to school today in order to observe the holiday – that’s a good thing.

January 15, 2007, 9:00AM

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