By Marc Campos

The Summit And Goofy

Commentary has to offer the most sincere of apologies. I must have been at The Yard last season when the Lone Star State’s Lite Guv announced that election fraud was the state’s biggest problem. Move over funding for public education, health care, college tuition rates, Ike relief, highways, the state budget, and the environment. I spend a little time on elections and campaigns and nobody has ever told me that voter fraud was an issue. The Lite Guv is talking about bringing up the Voter I.D. bill which means that the mad dash to the mad right in the upcoming U.S. Senate Special Election has begun.

Commentary got an anonymous letter in the mail yesterday that was filled with hate and rage. I think he’s on CEWDEM’s mailing list because he said some not so nice things about CEWDEM. The letter has an H-Town postmark.

The anonymous fella refers to Commentary and folks of my persuasion as “Mexicans” throughout the letter. Now that’s original. He cracked on me for never going after Mexican drug dealers. Hey, it is a policy around here not to go after folks that lack a sense of humor and aren’t afraid to use their machine guns.

He says: “9 OUT OF 10 TIMES WHEN A MEXICAN MAKES THE NEWS IT IS FOR SOMETHING NEGATIVE.” Of course, when anybody gets news coverage nowadays it is mostly negative.

The anonymous fella accused me of being Godless because I always talk about The Yard but never mention going to God’s Yard – church. Well, that’s none of his business.

The anonymous fella blames Commentary for low Latino voter turnout. Well, I can’t remember the last election I missed.

The anonymous fella says Mexicans are lazy. I guess he forgot to read about who helped clean up after Katrina, Rita and Ike.


Ouch! This is one mean and anger filled badarse fella. Yeah, that’s why he sent it anonymously. I bethcha he’s a no show at the Houston Area Latino Summit next month. If he does show up, I hope he tones down his rhetoric.

Go to www.camposcommunications.com for information on the Houston Area Latino Summit that will be held from 10 am to 1 pm, Saturday, February 14, 2009 in the Champions Pavilion at Minute Maid Park. A tentative agenda will be posted by the end of this week so stay tuned.

On the H-Town City Council agenda today is the item to call a Special Election in District H.

Last night Larry King asked W how close we ever got to catching Bin Laden. W’s response – “I dunno.” Hey, well at least he was honest. Meanwhile, Bin Laden released another tape yesterday.

It looks like the Keller ISD up in North Texas doesn’t read Commentary. It’s school as usual next Tuesday. Memo to the kids: DVR Obama’s inaugural speech and watch it when you get home.

MLB’s all time base stealer and all time leadoff dinger leader is now in the Hall of Fame. Congrats to Rickey Henderson. BoSox outfielder Jim Rice finally got in. Mark McGwire only got 22% of the ballots cast – you need 75%. I don’t think he’s going in.

Welcome to H-Town 34 year young right handed pitcher Russ Ortiz. Russ didn’t pitch at all last year because he had Tommy John surgery. He made his major league pitching debut as a Giant in 1998 in front of 15,040 at the Astrodome against the ‘Stros and pitched two shutout innings in relief and struck out Sean Berry, Dave Clark, Ricky Gutierrez and Derek Bell. Ortiz, a native Californian, has actually had some pretty good years with the Giants and The ATL. At the plate, he has six career dingers. Let’s hope he can get back into his old form at The Yard.

Speaking of, returning ‘Stro pitcher Mike Hampton has 15 career dingers – zero as a ‘Stro back at the Dome. His best year was 2001 when he had 7 with the Colorado Rockies. He’s a lefty on the mound but a righty at the plate so let’s hope he can put a few into the Crawford Boxes this season at The Yard. Meanwhile, the ‘Stros Winter Caravan kicks-off today in Webster off I-45 with a crew that includes Coop, Backe, Erstad, and Sampson.

January 14, 2009 9:00AM

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