By Marc Campos

The Survivor Candidate

By Marc Campos

Former/potential city council candidate Jolanda Jones is one of the 20 castaways that will compete in the next season (starts airing February 17) of the popular "Survivor" reality TV series. Jones, 39, is an attorney that ran an impressive but unsuccessful race for an at-large city council race in 2003.

Jones is considering running again for an at-large city council position. The overnight buzz: will her "Survivor" appearance give her candidacy a boost? Well, the article in today's Chron was certainly positive. The photo in the paper highlighted the upper part of her six foot plus statuesque figure. Her bio on the "Survivor" website is very impressive.

Folks, including voters, watch this program. It is one of the original reality TV series that has survived - pardon the pun. If she makes it through a few episodes, it can only help her candidacy. She will get a lot of extra local media coverage.

In a Houston city council race, district or at-large, media coverage of this type is coveted and valuable. Commentary has observed that the articulate Jones is becoming more savvy in dealing with the local media. Her potential opponents definitely have something to worry about.

Today's Dirty Harry "Make My Day" line goes to Houston State Representative Garnet Coleman while discussing the state's role in dealing with Mayor Bill White's freeway tow policy: "Our authority supersedes the mayor's. If you don't believe me, watch".

January 14, 2005, 9:00AM

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