By Marc Campos

Arrogance, GOP, Not Broken

"I feel like I'm a part of Houston," says Vince Young after he accepts the Grand Marshall title of this coming Monday's Martin Luther King, Jr. parade. He wants to play in Houston. Meanwhile, the guys that have brought us four years of less than impressive football will be "evaluating" the top two prospects. Fellas, admit it, David Carr was an experiment that just didn't work out and don't insult us by saying - "well, if he had had a better offensive line..." - you had four years to get a good line. Stop being arrogant, make the call, agree on a contract, and start getting him ready for next season.

Props go to the all GOP Texas Supreme Court for overruling the State GOP and letting the Amarillo school board member stay on the ballot in a race for the Texas legislature. Second time this week that an all GOP statewide judicial panel didn't kow-tow to party leaders. Maybe some folks over in GOPville are starting to wise up.

Lot of talk this morning about the U.S. Supreme Court hearing process - folks say it is broken. It ain't broken. Dude just decided he wasn't gonna answer certain questions. He was told not to answer certain questions. Anybody that was paying attention knows how the fella is going to rule, if confirmed. If the votes are there for the Philly Buster, then go for it.

January 13, 2006 9:00AM

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