By Marc Campos

A Divided R, Blue Eyes, God Son

Let’s see, Guv Dude is now distancing himself from GOP Mini Men types on some paperless folk issues. A growing number of GOP members of congress are distancing themselves from W on his war. There was a good split among the Rs in the race for Texas House Speaker. Texas GOP State Senators gave the thumbs down to the Radio Talk Show Host State Senator on a major rules change vote. I don’t think Rs are operating off of the same talking points page. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

In a newspaper article a day or so ago, two Dem consultants were talking about going after those Dem Texas House members that voted with Speaker Craddick. You guessed it – both are Austin based. Both are of the blue eye persuasion. Commentary’s not surprised.

If the meetings are taking place where they are talking about payback against Craddick Dems, I wonder if they’re talking about any of the three Harris County Dems. If they are talking about knocking off Bailey, I wonder if they are thinking about running a Latino against him rather than another blue eye. They got a lot of work to do in that house district. It is one of the lowest performing districts in America. I’m just wondering.

Speaking of replacing a blue eye with a Latino, the ‘Stros might be bringing right fielder Richard Hidalgo to spring training – cool. Jason Lane ought to be a bit nervous about this news. Hidalgo has one of the best – if not the best arm in baseball – a rocket. If he can regain some of his offensive game – well, who knows?

Commentary’s first God Son gets married tomorrow in Sugar Land, Texas ….. Sugar Land? Maybe I’ll run into DeLay on a street corner or someplace out there. Seriously, Roberto Miguel and Morgan get hitched tomorrow – good for them. I’m off to Sugar Land!

January 12, 2007, 9:00AM

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