By Marc Campos

Farrar and Moreno Say No To Craddick, More Tows,
And Calendar Babes

By Marc Campos

At yesterday's opening session of the Texas House of Representatives, four Democrats voted against the reelection of Tom Craddick for Texas House Speaker. Among the four, Houston state representatives Jessica Farrar and Joe E. Moreno (Joe has this thing about always wanting the "E." printed). 142 House members voted for Craddick.

The fab four have signaled that their idea of having a productive session is to start out in full opposition mode. Their chances of passing major legislation has pretty much evaporated. You have to give them kudos for standing on their principles.

The freeway tow issue just won't go away. State Senator John Whitmire will try to get the policy eliminated through the legislative process. Whitmire certainly has the clout to get it done, however, to date, no other area legislator has voiced their opposition to the media. Mayor Bill White is expected to announce changes in the towing policy - possibly today. In today's Chron, two letters for, four against.

Today's Chron also has an article on some Port Aransas women - ages 40 to 70 - that posed in the near nude for a calendar that went on sale to raise money for the local theater. The idea came from the movie Calendar Girls. Last month, it was reported in the Baytown Sun that some Baytown lovelies - ages 45 plus - posed for a calendar - again in the near nude - to benefit the Baytown Nature Center. A good cause and a very beautiful place to visit.

Even the Mayor of Port Aransas got into the act. Mayor Georgia Neblett, age 57, is draped in the Texas flag showing a lot of leg. She is Miss July. Good for her and good for them.

In the movie The Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion reach Emerald City, they climb onto a carriage and the driver tells them about "a horse of a different color". It turns out the horse that is pulling the carriage changes colors from white to .... What are the other three colors? The answer in tomorrow's commentary.

January 12, 2005, 9:00AM

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